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The communication of properties, hazards, risks and instructions for safe product use is aimed to prevent risks to the health of users and the environment. The communication flow is bidirectional, i.e. from supplier to customer and vice versa. The communication requirements vary per product, sector and region. We ensure the legally compliant market access of your products.
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With "chemical compliance" you create confidence with customers, investors and the authorities. As an experienced service provider, we warrant a legally compliant market access. Our competence includes consulting on the implementation of legal regulations in the areas of chemicals, cosmetics, biocidal products, food and the preparation of the necessary documents for compliance with the requirements.
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The world of chemical compliance is a highly complex one that is continually changing. Companies dealing with hazardous substances, hazardous materials or mixtures or products containing hazardous substance, are required to comply with a multiplicity of legal requirements. In the first step we analyse whether the company is subject to a specific regulation and how this affects the marketability of the product. The second step is the implementation or support. In the third step we often take over responsibility as agent acting on behalf of the customer. In many areas, consulting also involves active support with data maintenance or data research.
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